Bett STEM Expo - Jan. 26

Bett STEM Expo - Jan. 26

Dec 12, 2018

The Bett STEM Expo is an annual event featuring fun and educational science, technology, engineering and math activities for kids. This year’s event will be Saturday, January 26, from 11 am to 2 pm at Bettendorf Middle School, 2030 Middle Rd, Bettendorf. The event is free and open to all children and their families.

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The Bettendorf Community Schools Foundation‘s 2019 Science Scholar, Sean McVey, Software Engineer and BHS Class of 2003 will be a special guest at the Bett STEM Expo. Sean McVey attended Paul Norton Elementary School and continued in Bettendorf schools until graduating from Bettendorf High School in 2003.Sean He has worked at two video game companies, Midway Games helping make Mortal Kombat and Electronic Arts helping make Madden and NCAA. Sean has also worked on tank and flight simulators for the Department of Defense at Lockheed Martin.He is currently employed as a software engineer at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines.


  • Absolute Science - Magic meets Science - Absolute Science is a show you won’t want to miss!
  • All About Ears - A fun exhibit by Dr. Molly Parker is All About Ears!
  • Augustana Geology - Fossils, Rocks and Minerals - Dig into fossils, rock and minerals with the Augustana Geology students!
  • Beekeeping - Learn from beekeeper Marlo Belschner what it takes to successfully raise bees!
  • BHS Engineering Tech - Chris Arevalo & Zach Lewis will showcase a variety of Bettendorf High School offerings including a 3D printer, woods, metals, CAD, and engineering problems.
  • BHS Science Club - The Bettendorf High School puts on quite a show and will amaze you with the many science experiments they demonstrate.
  • Birds of Prey - Join Director/Naturalist Dave Murcia from the Wapsi River Environmental Education Center to explore the lives of raptors. Presentations will include ecology, habitats, adaptations, and live birds of prey!
  • BMS Science Community - BMS Science Club students perform awesome demonstrations and experiments for all ages!
  • Coffee Roasting - Secrets of Coffee Roasting revealed by Monmouth College Professor Brad Sturgeon!
  • Discovery Dome - The Putnam Museum will be showing “Magnetism - Defending our Planet, Defining the Cosmos” and “The Great Planet Adventures” in their Discovery Dome!
  • Discovery Through Scientific Illustration - Figge Museum explains how scientists and artists use magnification to perfect their work!
  • Dissection - Explore the chambers of a pig’s heart with doctors Jill and Andy Lightfoot and learn what makes them tick!
  • Firefighters - Meet Fireman Kyle Priest and learn about the tools he uses to fight fires!
  • Forensics - Bettendorf Detective Tim Doty will teach you how to catch criminals with forensics.
  • Green Infrastructure - Dav Parks & Rec will demonstrate the effects of runoff and how families can get involved at home in minimizing this in a beautiful and effective way.
  • HNI Corp - Experience manufacturing through virtual reality tours of a modern manufacturing facility!
  • Hovercrafts, Rockets & Airplanes - Try your hand at the many cool inventions of Bob Windt and his friends, including hovercrafts, rockets and other science toys!
  • Insect Science - Meet and learn about insects with Augustana College!
  • Jr Medical School - Carver College of Medicine students will engage visitors in hands-on medical activities including human organs that have been through a plastination process, and a laparoscopic surgery simulator to try their hand at minimally invasive surgery.
  • Lego Robotics - Lego Robotics at its best with Ty Callahan.
  • Make Your Own Ice Cream - Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make your own ice cream with the Girl Scouts!
  • Marshmallow Challenge - You will be amazed at what you can build with marshmallows with the Bush Engineering group!
  • Medics - Meet the Medics and take a tour of an ambulance!
  • Meteorology - Andy McCray and the entire Channel 4 weather team will be available to share the secrets of weather forecasting!
  • Mysteries of Handwashing - Join graduate student and researcher Tom Romano to learn the Mysteries of Handwashing.
  • Navigation on the Mississippi - US Army Corps of Engineers share how the 9 ft navigation project changed how we travel on the Mississippi and how a lock and dam works.
  • Ocean Carbon Crisis - Learn about ocean acidification through a fun hands-on activity with the National Council for Science Education.
  • Owl Pellets - Don’t miss your chance to dissect owl pellets and learn more about their diet, food chains, ecology, and anatomy!
  • Physician Assistant - A fun demonstration from St. Ambrose University Physician Assistant students!
  • Plant Science - Learn all about the fantastic world of plants with QC Botanical Garden expert Greg Wolf.
  • Power - Nuclear Generation - Explore nuclear energy with Exelon engineers!
  • PrIUSm Solar Car - Come see, sit in and learn about Penumbra, the car built from scratch by ISU students that is powered solely by the power of the sun!
  • Recycling Challenge - Test your skill at the Recycling Challenge presented by the Scott County Waste Commission.
  • Reptiles - Check out Nahant Marsh’s native collection of turtles and snakes and learn why reptiles are important.
  • SAU Chemistry Club - Try your hand at chemistry with the St. Ambrose Chemistry Club!
  • Skateboard Exhibition - Build a Mini Skate Park with the Iowa City Children’s Museum.
  • STEAM on Wheels - Discover mobile phone magic and magnetic mysteries with WIU Student Sam McCullum.
  • Stomp Rockets - Enjoy stomp rockets with the U of Iowa College of Engineering!
  • Storm Water - Rob Depover explains the path of Storm Water!
  • Sun Power - Discover how solar panels can create electricity using sunlight.

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